Imaginary North hosts several Spotify playlists and is currently accepting submissions. Please submit using the link below, which allows you to submit up to two songs to multiple playlists.

We are making an effort to advertise and promote these playlists to listeners across the world to build genuine support for artists found on each list and want to help you find ears for your music. While we cannot approve all submissions, we are thrilled to help artists find new audiences. If you have any questions, please email us at - please note that we will not accept submissions shared directly with us this way.

red moon: ambient for headphones

ambient music best listened to with headphones. complex textures, soundscapes, drones, etc. perfect for work, study, sleep, or relaxation.

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green moon: ambient with nature sounds

mellow ambient music with nature sounds including forests, birds, flowing water, ocean tides.

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yellow moon: ambient electronica

ambient textures with beats. instrumental. mellow. moody.

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blue moon: neoclassical and minimal ambient

piano with pads. elements of ambient mixed with classical. minimal. sparse. complex.

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night moon: music for sleep

quiet. mellow. droney. sparse. sleepy. no beats or percussion of any kind.

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purple moon: experimental ambient

textured. complex. unusual. instrumental. weird. long.

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pink moon: night music

folk. electronic. vocal. quiet. intimate. tender.

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