Kilometre Club

Kilometre Club is the moniker of Toronto-based musician Daniel Field (SOCAN; born September 6, 1984), who has been releasing music under this name since 2020. Daniel is an elementary school teacher and father of three who has been playing music for most of his life, having delved into synthesizers and electronic music at the dawn of the pandemic.

Daniel has recorded and released several albums as Kilometre Club, including eight albums of songs timed and themed to Toronto's TTC subway system, as well as songs and albums about Halloween, space, meditation, art, and dystopian fiction.

Kilometre Club releases are primarily independent or released in conjunction with Imaginary North. Daniel has also released music on Sound Meditation, Mare Nostrum, Valley View Records, and Intraset.

Daniel primarily plays synthesizer and electric guitar, though incorporates other instruments including kalimba, melodica, acoustic guitar, bass, xylophone, kazoo, banjo, and ukulele.

Most non-label Kilometre Club music is available to be used for different media purposes (e.g., YouTube, podcast, etc.) for free with permission. Please contact Daniel for more information.

Daniel is available and interested in collaboration, remixing/reworking, custom ambient or backing tracks, or mixing/mastering (not professional level). Please get in touch! -