Why Work With Imaginary North?

Our main goal is sharing amazing music. We hope to do this using artist-friendly terms and rates. Each contract will be for an individual song or group of songs, with no further obligations to the label, and artists will retain all master rights.

While most music we release will be instrumental ambient, we are open to many different musical ideas and genres from diverse perspectives.

We are less worried about your current popularity and/or streaming counts as much as we are looking for artists willing to work with us, explore new pathways, and establish a community.

Imaginary North strives to ensure that most revenue goes to the artists, and as a result is currently offering a 70-30 revenue split in the artist’s favour*. Label services will include:

Bandcamp payouts will be provided twice per year at a minimum threshold of $10USD. Streaming revenues can withdrawn made monthly if signed up through distributor.

Artists will retain ownership of masters as well as all necessary copyrights.

*subject to change. Embedded in the 30% fee for label are pay structures for graphic design, mastering, web hosting, distribution, promotion, and other label-related costs.

**artists will still be individually responsible for paid playlist pitching (e.g., SubmitHub), though support for pitching to Spotify/Amazon Music, plus other non-paid playlists will be provided.

Upcoming Projects

Imaginary North accepts unreleased tracks by artists from anywhere in the world regardless of current popularity or experience. While we may consider releasing EPs or albums by new artists, we tend to prefer to begin a relationship by working together on compilations.

 We welcome demos for tracks to be submitted to a number of collections, including our flagship compilation Imaginary North Transmissions. See below for details about each compilation. If you would like to submit a track to a compilation, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

We would prefer unmastered tracks in most cases - if you're unsure, you are welcome to submit both mastered and unmastered tracks.

A reminder that we can only accept songs that have not yet been released*. A remixed/reworked version of a previously released song is fine as long as that song has not been released on another label; that being said, new songs are preferred.

Compilations will be of different lengths depending on the complexity and contributions. 

*released, in this case would mean available on streaming services, Bandcamp, or publicly on SoundCloud. 

Imaginary North Transmissions 

Ongoing; compilations will release multiple times per year

Imaginary North Transmissions features ambient artists exploring the relationship between field recordings and music. Artists will create an original piece that weaves instrumentation with found sound, organic samples (must have rights to all samples or use copyright-free samples), and/or field recordings. Sounds of nature, cities, household appliances, or whatever else you can find, are most welcome. 

Minimum song length: 2 minutes

Maximum song length:8 minutes

Percussion allowed: no

Other details: should include field recordings, found sound, samples

A Familiar Melody

Submissions accepted, no firm cutoff date set

This compilation will feature artists creating unique interpretations of popular public domain or copyright-free songs. These will need to be ambient, so no solo piano, though piano with pads will be welcome. Songs can be as simple as nursery rhymes or popular classical melodies, reinterpreted to become something new. If you’re not sure about the legal rights to perform certain songs, please contact me.

Minimum song length: 1 minute

Maximum song length: 6 minutes

Percussion allowed: yes

Other details: based on a recognizable or familiar song that does not hold copyright

All Those Other Holidays

Postponed until Q4 2023; submissions still accepted

Last year, as Kilometre Club, I released an album of ambient Hanukkah songs. This year, I want to take the concept further and create a compilation of instrumental songs inspired by winter holidays from many cultures and religions that aren’t Christmas. Feel free to share a copyright-free interpretation of a holiday song, your own original track, or whatever else feels right. No religion? Perhaps you celebrate National French Toast Day, or New Year’s Day. The only rule about this one is no Christmas songs (there are more than enough Christmas albums already).

This compilation welcomes more or less any genre as long as the music is instrumental

Minimum song length: 1 minute

Maximum song length: 6 minutes

Percussion allowed: yes

Other details: inspired by a holiday falling between November and February that is not Christmas; if using a familiar or recognizable melody, please ensure that song is public domain or traditional

Ambient Post-Rock Compilation

Rolling submissions accepted, will be released once enough music has been received

We would love to put together a compilation that veers towards the post-rock side of ambient. Instrumental, but usually more percussive, sometimes guitar-based, and as loud as needed. Preferably instrumental, but vocals are okay if not the focal point. Looking for interesting textures, big buildups, emotional resonance.

Minimum song length: 1 minute

Maximum song length:  10 minutes

Percussion allowed: yes

Other details: ambient music that fits under the category of post-rock, however you see the genre defined


Submission date TBD (may take time to collect and create)

This will be our most ambitious experiment. Two artists will work together on a collaboration. One artist will create a mono track that will play in the left speaker. The second artist will create a related mono track that will play in the right speaker. What happens when it all plays together? This compilation will feature pairs of artists creating songs that may sound different depending on whether you use headphones, speakers, or other ways to listen.

If you are interested in contributing to this compilation but do not have someone to work with, please indicate your interest on the form and I will work to find you a partner.

Minimum song length: 1 minute

Maximum song length: 5 minutes

Percussion allowed: yes

Other details: will need to work with a partner; revenue will be split between artists

Your Own Project


While Imaginary North will focus on compilations at first, we are thrilled to work with artists interested in releasing music with us. If you have an EP or LP of songs you’d like to share for consideration, please do. We are moderately selective as to whether we will go ahead and release albums or EPs, and will prioritize artists who are familiar to the label via contributions to compilations.

Looking for support with distribution (i.e., getting your music on streaming services) but not looking for any label services? Consider our IN Distro option - go here for more details.

Ready to submit or express interest in a project? We are ready to hear from you! 

Currently we have two ways to contribute - Groover, or the Google Form below. Through Groover, you will get guaranteed feedback. The Google Form is free, but we may only contact you if we are interested in working with you.

If you have an unreleased (e.g., not currently on streaming or on Bandcamp) track ready for submission (available on Drive, SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc.), or you want to express interest but not share a track yet, use the form embedded below.

If the form does not appear above, please follow this link: