Today Until Tomorrow

Today Until Tomorrow - 24 Hour Compilation: Submission Details

Today Until Tomorrow - Out June 21, 2023

(Photo by Ross Buswell / Graphic Design by Mitch Burke)

If you've landed here, you might be interested in contributing a track (or more) to our ambitious digital compilation, Today Until Tomorrow. See below for more. TLDR version at the very bottom.

Imaginary North enjoys being ambitious and weird. This compilation might put us over the edge. We are hoping to collect a lot of songs to be put together on a 24 hour compilation, to be released on June 21, 2023.

Yes, a collection that when played all together will take 24 hours to listen to. That's a lot of music. Unlike some of our other compilations, the parameters of what we will accept for this will be pretty broad:  

As long as music is somewhat ambient in one way or another, it should be okay.

Since we are looking to fill a lot of time, your songs can be long. 

Really long. Ideal length is between 6 and 30 minutes. A 60 minute maximum per artist, give or take.

They can be really weird or experimental.  

They can also be very pleasant. Nothing wrong with that.

They can be noisy without being too harsh. 

They can be droney. 

They can feature long tape loops. 

They can have percussion. They can have some vocals.

You can submit multiple tracks if you'd like. Depending on volume of tracks submitted, we may not include all submitted tracks.

You can repurpose old tracks to be added to this - remixes and reworks of old material is most welcome. You can share tracks that have been released on Bandcamp and SoundCloud but not streaming.

Tracks will be sequenced based on their tones, moods, and tempos to reflect the times of day.

Due to large amount of anticipated music for this compilation, we are requesting that any music submitted is already mastered if possible (and any music not mastered will be adjusted to line level, most likely using automated mastering tools).

This album can only feature a total of 200 tracks to be properly submitted to streaming services, which averages to greater than 7 minutes per song.

While we are happy to accept shorter songs, this will be an occasion where we will prefer longer songs if possible.

This compilation will be uploaded to streaming services and to Bandcamp. On streaming services, tracks will have a 70-30 royalty split in the artist's favour. On Bandcamp, the entire compilation will cost $10.  All revenue from Bandcamp downloads will be donated to Music Declares Emergency, an artist-centred non-profit focusing on fighting climate change.

Unless specifically requested by you, tracks on the compilation will not be simultaneously released as a single. If you're not so active on Spotify, this has limited impact. If you are working to build monthly listeners and actively promote tracks and would like to release your track as a single simultaneous to the compilation's release, please let me know once the compilation has been fully collected.

Tracks released on the compilation can be released by you later on if you'd like. I will share the ISRC code with you if needed.

You will retain all master rights, including publishing, licensing, etc.

Tracks are due by April 15, 2023 to be considered. While we may be able to accept tracks after that, we cannot guarantee this. If you have tracks completed sooner, please share.

Interested in sharing a track? Please send a .wav, .flac, or .aiff file to (please upload to WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or another filesharing site). If you share a SoundCloud link, please ensure it's downloadable.  We will try to contact you within 72 hours of receiving the track.

TLDR Version:

We are looking for longform ambient and experimental tracks for an upcoming 24-hour-long compilation.  Submit your unreleased 6-30 minute tracks to us for consideration. Ask questions and/or share your files to Submissions due April 15, 2023, preferably sooner.