IN Distro

Are you a DistroKid user who has no available slots for your side project?

Are you doing a collaboration with multiple artists but can't figure out how to release it to streaming on your current distributor?

Do you want something out to the world quick and easy? Maybe IN Distro is for you.

IN Distro

In a nutshell, we would release your songs that already have been mastered and have album art to streaming services. We would not offer playlist pitching, social media coverage, or any kind of promotion. We might add a song to our playlists.

All we take is a 7.5% cut of anything uploaded/distributed, which will cover the cost/time associated with uploading music.

IN's responsibility will be to upload your mastered music, completed album art, and input all relevant credits to be submitted for distribution. We will then send an email via Symphonic's payout system providing information on how to receive 92.5% of all revenues. IN will then no longer be responsible for anything to do with the music. Distributed songs can be removed upon request; should you require ISRC codes, you may need to wait up to 2 weeks.

Want to Submit for IN Distro?

Please copy and paste the information below and share along with album art and a Google Drive/Dropbox folder with the .wav or .aiff files of the songs (16 bit, 44.1 khz only) to (if sharing a folder on Google Drive, you can share to Wav files should be numbered and clearly labeled with track names (including capitalizations). Please indicate clearly if collaboration, featured artists, and/or remixes.

Your name:

Artist name(s):

Album name (ignore if a single):

Date of release:

All relevant credits (e.g., songwriter/composer, producer, etc.):

Email address for payouts:

Spotify artist page:

Apple music artist page: